2000 AIS Awards

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Dykes Memorial Medal

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (Larry Lauer) 90 votes.

Runners Up:
YAQUINA BLUES (Schreiner's) 82 votes.
ACOMA (Tom Magee) 68 votes.

Caparne-Welch Medal (MDB)

BUGSY (Ben Hager) 74 votes.

Runners Up:
LITTLE RASCAL (John & Lucy Fry) 40 votes.
HEY THERE (Carol Lankow) 38 votes.

Cook-Douglas Medal (SDB)

VAVOOM (Allan Ensminger) 68 votes.

Runners Up:
TWEETY BIRD (P. Black) 46 votes.
STARBABY (Marky Smith) 43 votes.

Founders of SIGNA Medal (SPEC)

DOTTED LINE (Lorena Reid) 84 votes.

Runners Up:
CANDY STRIPER (Bee Warburton) 26 votes.
BETWEEN THE LINES (Marty Schafer and Jan Sacks) 22 votes.

Randolph-Perry Medal (SPEC-X)

PHIL EDINGER (Ben Hager) 76 votes.

Runners Up:
HOLDEN'S CHILD (Sarah Tiffney) 29 votes.
ASIAN ALLIANCE (Jean Witt) 19 votes.

Hans and Jacob Sass Medal (IB)

DARK WATERS (J. T. Aitken) 96 votes.

Runners Up:
LEMON WHIP (Carol Lankow) 65 votes.
MAUI GOLD (J. T. Aitken) 62 votes.

Knowlton Medal (BB)

APRICOT FROSTY (O. D. Niswonger) 120 votes.

Runners Up:
BABOON BOTTOM (Brad Kasperek) 116 votes.
TINK (John Durrance) 66 votes.

Williamson-White Medal (MTB)

PARDNER (Kenneth Fisher) 100 votes.

Runners Up:
OZARK JEWEL (Kenneth Fisher) 75 votes.
ROBIN GOODFELLOW (Clarence Mahan) 62 votes.

Clarence G. White Medal (AR & AB)

SHEBA'S JEWEL (Howard Shockey) 48 votes.

Runners Up:
SERAPH'S JEWEL (Howard Shockey) 26 votes.
JONNYE'S MAGIC (Lois Rich) 16 votes.

William Mohr Medal (AB)

SILENT TEARS (Les Peterson) 26 votes.

Runners Up:
ALADDIN'S TREASURE (Darlene Pinegar) 20 votes.
HOT SPOT (Carl Boswell) 18 votes.

John C. Wister Memorial Medal (TB)

CELEBRATION SONG (Schreiner's) 82 votes.
CLARENCE (Lloyd Zurbrigg) 62 votes.
MESMERIZER (Monty Byers) 90 votes.

Runners Up:
SPIRIT WORLD (Keith Keppel) 53 votes.
CLASSIC LOOK (Schreiner's) 48 votes.
BLACK TIE AFFAIR (Schreiner's) 47 votes.

Mary Swords DeBaillon Medal (LA)

CAJUN SUNRISE (Joseph Mertzweiller) 72 votes.

Runners Up:
C'EST FANTASTIQUE (Mary Dunn) 33 votes.
EXTRAORDINAIRE (Mary Dunn) 24 votes.

Sydney B. Mitchell Medal (PCI)

PINK CUPID (Vernon Wood) 22 votes.

Runners Up:
DEEP BLUE SEA (Joseph Ghio) 16 votes.
WESTERN BLUEBIRD (John Weiler) 14 votes.

Morgan Wood Medal (SIB)

OVER IN GLORYLAND (Robert Hollingworth) 174 votes.

Runners Up:
RILL (Louise Bellagamba) 50 votes.
MOONSILK (Harold Stahly) 46 votes.

Eric Nies Medal (SPU)

ILA REMEMBERED (Ben Hager) 45 votes.

Runners Up:
SONORAN SUNSET (Floyd Wickencamp) 42 votes.
HIGHLINE SNOWFLAKE (Eleanor McCown) 29 votes.

J. A. Payne Medal (JI)

BELLENDER BLUE (Authur Hazzard by Bob Bauer & John Coble) 33 votes.

Runners Up:
PICOTEE PRINCESS (Lorena Reid) 29 votes.
DIOMEDES (Sterling Innerst) 27 votes.

Walther Cup (Most HM votes in all categories)

MIDNIGHT OIL, TB -- 143 votes (K. Keppel)

Runners Up:
FOGBOUND, TB -- (Keith Keppel) 112 votes.
ORANGE POP, BB -- (Larry Lauer) 100 votes.

Award of Merit (TB)

LOCAL COLOR (Keith Keppel) 142 votes.
SWINGTOWN (Schreiner's) 123 votes.
TOM JOHNSON (Paul Black) 111 votes.
NIGHT GAME (Keith Keppel) 103 votes.
SPICED TIGER (Brad Kasperek) 103 votes.
ROMANTIC EVENING (Joseph Ghio) 98 votes.
WISHFUL THINKING (Keith Keppel) 96 votes.
ARCTIC EXPRESS (Joe Gatty) 95 votes.
AURA LIGHT (Barry Blyth) 87 votes.
DEBBIE REYNOLDS (Oscar Schick) 84 votes.
OLD BLACK MAGIC (Schreiner's) 77 votes.
SKYWALKER (Schreiner's) 77 votes.
GNUS FLASH (Brad Kasperek) 73 votes.
JOY JOY JOY (Allan Ensminger) 72 votes.
PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE (O. D. Niswonger) 72 votes.
FASHION DESIGNER (Keith Keppel) 71 votes.
FATAL ATTRACTION (Frederick Kerr) 67 votes.
SNEEZY (Keith Keppel) 67 votes.
ZANDRIA (Don Nebeker) 66 votes.
TOTAL RECALL (Ben Hager) 64 votes.
BLUE SUEDE SHOES (Schreiner's) 61 votes.
LEMON CHESS (Walter Moores) 61 votes.
AROUND MIDNIGHT (Schreiner's) 61 votes.
DREAMSICLE (Schreiner's) 61 votes.
KNOCK 'EM DEAD (Richard Ernst) 61 votes.
PAINT IT BLACK (Schreiner's) 61 votes.
CROSS CURRENT (Keith Keppel) 61 votes.
DODGE CITY (Larry Lauer) 61 votes.

Runners Up:
CAPTAIN'S JOY (Schreiner's) 50 votes.
DANCE HALL DOLLY (Maryott's Garden) 50 votes.
ELAINEALOPE (Brad Kasperek) 50 votes.
GOOD LOOKING (Schreiner's) 50 votes.
HAUTE COUTURE (Joe Gatty) 50 votes.
KEVIN'S THEME (Frederick Kerr) 50 votes.

Award of Merit (BB)

LITTLE MARY SUNSHINE (Elvan Roderick) 86 votes.
VERY VARIED (Allan Ensminger) 69 votes.

Runners Up:
CALICO KITTEN (Chet Tompkins) 63 votes.
TOMMYKNOCKER (Ray Lyons) 48 votes.

Award of Merit (IB)

PROTOCOL (Keith Keppel) 86 votes.
LONDONDERRY (Keith Keppel) 79 votes.
SAILOR (Marky smith) 79 votes.

Runners Up:
AURORA'S BLUSH (Anthony & Dorothy Willott) 64 votes.
SEASON TICKET (Joe Gatty) 54 votes.

Award of Merit (MTB)

REMINISCENCE (Clarence Mahan) 84 votes.
APRICOT DROPS (J. T. Aitken) 135 votes.

Runners Up:
MINI WABASH (Riley Probst) 108 votes.
SNICKERDOODLE (Opal Wulf) 92 votes.

Award of Merit (SDB)

IRISH MOSS (Bennett Jones) 58 votes.
JAMES BOND (Marky Smith) 51 votes.
EASTER (Keith Keppel) 50 votes.
ACEY DEUCEY (Allan Ensminger) 39 votes.
TATTLER (Keith Keppel) 39 votes.

Runners Up:
AUTUMN MAPLE (John Weiler) 37 votes.
CREAM AND PEACHES (O. D. Niswonger) 37 votes.

Award of Merit (MDB)

SQUIGGLES (Lynda Miller) 85 votes.
GNUZ SPREAD (Brad Kasperek) 68 votes.

Runners Up:
HOT BUTTONS (J. T. Aitken) 41 votes.
BLINK (Lynda Miller) 38 votes.

Award of Merit (AB)

OMAR'S GOLD (Carl Boswell) 84 votes.
SHE DEVIL (Paul Black) 38 votes.

Runners Up:
DREAM CATCHER (Sharon McAllister) 30 votes.
DESERT CELEBRATION (Lin Flanagan) 11 votes.

Award of Merit (AR & AB)

ENERGIZER (Howard Shockey) 41 votes.
OMAR'S VALOR (Carl Boswell) 20 votes.

Runners Up:
ENGRAVED INVITATION (Sharon McAllister) 15 votes.
RED SANDS (Howard Shockey) 13 votes.

Award of Merit (LA)

(Joseph Mertzweiller) 37 votes.
AUNT SHIRLEY (Joseph Mertzweiller) 30 votes.

Runners Up:
PROFESSOR FRITCHIE (Joseph Mertzweiller) 23 votes.
FAR AND AWAY (Mary Dunn) 22 votes.

Award of Merit (PCI)

MANTRA (Joseph Ghio) 14 votes.
PACIFIC SNOWFLAKE (George Shoop) 12 votes.

Runners Up:
BLUE MOMENT (Duane Meek) 11 votes.
SEA ADMIRAL (Vernon Wood) 11 votes.

Award of Merit (SIB)

SPRINKLES (John Coble & Robert Bauer) 90 votes.
MESA PEARL (John Coble & Robert Bauer) 83 votes.

Runners Up:
TRIM THE VELVET (Martin Schafer & Janet Sacks) 59 votes.
HARPSWELL SNOWBURST (Currier McEwen) 56 votes.

Award of Merit (SPEC)

GORDONVILLE CREAM (O. D. Niswonger) 35 votes.
SUN CASCADE (Tony Huber) 28 votes.

Runner Up:
KING CLOVIS (Eric & Bob Tankesley-Clark) 21 votes.

Award of Merit (SPEC-X)

ROYAL DOLLY (Lorena Reid) 37 VOTES.
CASCADE VELVET (Joseph Halinar) 36 votes.

Award of Merit (SPU)

SUNRISE IN SONORA (Floyd Wickenkamp) 54 votes.
SUNRISE IN MISSOURI (O. D. Niswonger) 52 votes.

Runners Up:
ZAMBOANGA (Ben Hager) 42 votes.
MISSOURI LAKES (O. D. Niswonger) 39 votes.

Award of Merit (JI)

EPIMETHEUS (Sterling Innerst) 35 votes.
PINK DACE (Jill Copeland) 29 votes.

Runners Up:
CASCADE SPRING DRESS (Lorena Reid) 27 votes.
FOREIGN INTRIGUE (Robert Bauer & John Coble) 27 votes.

Honorable Mention (TB)

MIDNIGHT OIL (Keith Keppel) 143 votes.
FOGBOUND (Keith Keppel) 112 votes.
CORDOBA (Joseph Ghio) 88 votes.
OCELOT (Joseph Ghio) 82 votes.
CHASING RAINBOWS (Ben Hager) 81 votes.
WORLD PREMIER (Schreiner's) 81 votes.
CELTIC HARP (Harold Stahly) 78 votes.
OSTENTATIOUS (Joseph Ghio) 75 votes.
MEN IN BLACK (Larry Lauer) 72 votes.
FASHIONABLY LATE (Keith Keppel) 70 votes.
ARCTIC FOX (Vernon Wood) 69 votes.
YUKON FEVER (Schreiner's) 66 votes.
VIZIER (Joseph Ghio) 62 votes.
FANCY DRESS (Keith Keppel) 60 votes.
SPLASHACATA (Richard Tasco) 60 votes.
SAN JUAN SILVER (David Miller) 59 votes.
SANTA (George Shoop) 57 votes.
BROKEN DREAMS (Keith Keppel) 55 votes.
LANAI (Joseph Ghio) 55 votes.
DOUBLE BUBBLE (Joseph Ghio) 54 votes.
ANYTHING GOES (Ben Hager) 50 votes.
SMILING FACES (Keith Keppel) 50 votes.
HI CALYPSO (Joseph Hoage) 49 votes.
MOBY GRAPE (Larry Lauer) 49 votes.
HALO IN PEACH (O. D. Niswonger) 48 votes.
LOVELY DAWN (Keith Keppel) 48 votes.
APOLLO ONE (George Sutton) 47 votes.
BLUE-EYED SUSAN (Larry Lauer) 46 votes.
DEEP DARK SECRET (Paul Black) 46 votes.
GLACIER POINT (Richard Tasco) 46 votes.
GLADYS MY LOVE (Allan Ensminger) 44 votes.
I'VE GOT RHYTHM (Schreiner's) 44 votes.
LARUE BOSWELL (Vernon Wood) 44 votes.
BRUNEAU JASPER (Lucille Pinkston) 42 votes.
SPEEDING AGAIN (Larry Lauer) 42 votes.
LET'S BOOGIE (Schreiner's) 41 votes.
RED RIDER (Larry Lauer) 41 votes.
MY PRETTY VALENTINE (Richard Ernst) 40 votes.
NORTHERN MIST (Harold Stahly) 40 votes.
ZEBRA NIGHT (Brad Kasperek) 39 votes.
SHEER ECSTASY (Schreiner's) 38 votes.
WATERDRAGON (Marky Smith) 38 votes.
BLUE CHEER (Larry Lauer) 37 votes.
BOLD FASHION (Schreiner's) 37 votes.
BLUE CRUSADER (Schreiner's) 36 votes.
NEON COWBOY (Hall Bradshaw) 36 votes.
THOR'S LIGHTNING BOLT (Walt Dean) 36 votes.
COLOR ME PINK (Darlene Pinegar) 35 votes.
OZONE ALERT (Tom Burseen) 35 votes.
PROSPEROUS VOYAGE (Ben Hager) 35 votes.
DIAMOND LIL (Larry Lauer) 34 votes.
HALO IN BURGUNDY (O. D. Niswonger) 34 votes.
SCOONCHEE (Peter DeSantis) 34 votes.
WING COMMANDER (George Sutton) 34 votes.
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS (Sterling Innerst) 33 votes.
CANADIAN STREAKER (Chuck Chapman) 33 votes.
COLORADO BONANZA (Tom Magee) 33 votes.
COUNTRY CHARM (Schreiner's) 33 votes.
HYENASICLE (Kathie Kasperek) 33 votes.
JUDY MOGIL (James McWhirter) 33 votes.
MONET'S BLUE (Schreiner's) 33 votes.
TERRYTON (Hyram Ames) 33 votes.
TEXTRONICS (Tom Burseen) 33 votes.
CAPITAL CITY JAZZ (Schreiner's) 32 votes.
EXACTITUDE (Sterling Innerst) 32 votes.
SUGAR MAGNOLIA (Schreiner's) 32 votes.
VANILLA FUDGE (Larry Lauer) 32 votes.
APRICOT FIZZ (D. L. Shepard) 31 votes.
COWABUNGA (Tom Burseen) 31 votes.
FLYING CARPET (Paul Black) 31 votes.
HONEY MUSTARD (J. T. Aitken) 31 votes.
ICE CREAM TREAT (Richard Ernst) 31 votes.
QUEEN ANNE'S LACE (William Maryott) 31 votes.
BACK STREET AFFAIR (Sterling Innerst) 30 votes.
BUTTERFINGERS (Larry Lauer) 30 votes.
TWO-SIDED COIN (Richard Ernst) 30 votes.
ANVIL OF DARKNESS (Sterling Innerst) 29 votes.
EDGE OF DARKNESS (Mary Dunn) 29 votes.
HEAVEN (Joseph Ghio) 29 votes.
MADISON COUNTY (James McWhirter) 29 votes.
MISS PIGGY (Tom Burseen) 29 votes.
STAR QUALITY (Joseph Ghio) 29 votes.

Runners Up:
BOUDOIR (Joseph Ghio) 28 votes.
DARK PASSION (Schreiner's) 28 votes.
DECIPHER (Joseph Ghio) 28 votes.
KIWI CHEESECAKE (O. D. Niswonger) 28 votes.
LOIS PARRISH (Paul Black) 28 votes.
LUXOR GOLD (Schreiner's) 28 votes.
SOUL SISTER (Robert Dunn) 28 votes.

Honorable Mention (BB)

ORANGE POP (Larry Lauer) 100 votes.
CASCADING RAINBOW (Paul Black) 43 votes.
ERIN STROLL (O. D. Niswonger) 43 votes.
INDIGO DOLL (Carol Lankow) 42 votes.
CAROUSEL WALTZ (Calvin Helsley) 37 votes.

Runners Up:
LOW PROFILE (Joseph Ghio) 31 votes.
PEACH PARASOL (Donald Spoon) 30 votes.

Honorable Mention (IB)

MING (Marky Smith) 73 votes.
GEISHA (Marky Smith) 72 votes.
DONEGAL (Keith Keppel) 63 votes.
MASKED BANDIT (Keith Keppel) 62 votes.
WRANGLER (Harold Stahly) 55 votes.
SONORAN SANDS (Richard Tasco) 51 votes.

Runners Up:
CHAMPAGNE ENCORE (J. T. Aitken) 43 votes.
PERSIAN WOOD (Anthony & Dorothy Willott) 43 votes.

Honorable Mention (MTB)

PINK BUTTONS (Carol Lankow) 54 votes.
RICK (Betty Wyss) 51 votes.
WISTFUL WISTERIA (Opal Wulf) 50 votes.

Runners Up:
BLUE CHIP STOCK (Paul Black) 39 votes.
FLIRTY WHITE SKIRTS (Opal Wulf) 39 votes.

Honorable Mention (SDB)

MINIDRAGON (Marky Smith) 79 votes.
YIPPY SKIPPY (Paul Black) 48 votes.
RUBY ERUPTION (Chuck Chapman) 43 votes.
PLUM JEWEL (Anthony & Dorothy Willott) 40 votes.
GEMSTONE (Ben Hager) 38 votes.
KITTEN (Keith Keppel) 38 votes.
HOT JAZZ (Paul Black) 35 votes.
JUST A CROC (Brad Kasperek) 35 votes.
ZERO (Keith Keppel) 34 votes.
ICE ETCHING (Paul Black) 31 votes.
FOREVER BLUE (Chuck Chapman) 30 votes.
SABRINA'S KISS (Anthony & Dorothy Willott) 29 votes.
COCOA PINK (O. D. Niswonger) 28 votes.
ERAMOSA SKIES (Chuck Chapman) 28 votes.
LIME RUFFLES (Maryott's) 28 votes.
VINTAGE ROSE (Bennett Jones) 28 votes.

Runners Up:
BEE MUSED (Paul Black) 26 votes.
NEAR MYTH (J. T. Aitken) 26 votes.

Honorable Mention (MDB)

DINKY CIRCUS (Paul Black) 46 votes.
BRAMBLEBERRY (Marky Smith) 36 votes.
YAK ATTACK (Brad Kasperek) 32 votes.

Runners Up:
IVORY FASHION (Anthony & Dorothy Willott) 26 votes.
WEE NOBLE (Anthony & Dorothy Willott) 23 votes.

Honorable Mention (AB )

WALKER ROSS (Walker Ross, deceased by Chuck Chapman) 13 votes.
DESERT FESTIVAL (Lin Flanagan) 12 votes.

Runner Up:
MOHRIC BUTTERFLY (Sharon McAllister) 8 votes.

Honorable Mention (AR & AB)

CHOCOLATE MINT (Richard Tasco) 26 votes.
DARLING WHO KNOWS (Luella Danielson) 13 votes.
PURPLE HEART IMPRESSION (Luella Danielson) 13 votes.
LUELLA DEE (G. F. Wilson) 12 votes.

Runners Up:
DESERT MAJESTY (Lin Flanagan) 11 votes.
CONCERTO GROSSO (Harald Mathes) 10 votes.

Honorable Mention (LA)

HOT AND SPICY (Heather Pryor) 38 votes.
JAZZ HOT (Heather Pryor) 27 votes.
RED VELVET ELVIS (Kevin Vaughn) 24 votes.
BOY CRAZY (Mary Dunn) 19 votes.
LONE STAR (Farron Campbell) 19 votes.
PRIX D'ELEGANCE (Heather Pryor) 19 votes.
FRENCH QUARTER (Mary Dunn) 18 votes.
BABS BARNETTE (Farron Campbell) 16 votes.
BERA (Joseph Mertzweiller) 16 votes.
JOIE DE VIVRE (Heather Pryor) 16 votes.

Runners Up:
JOYFUL CHARM (Richard Morgan) 15 votes.
BAYOU TIGER (Kirk Strawn) 14 votes.
NAVAJO CORAL (D. L. Shepard) 14 votes.

Honorable Mention (PCN)

EASTER EGG HUNT (Joseph Ghio) 10 votes.
SIERRA AZUL (Joseph Ghio) 10 votes.
MASCOT (Joseph Ghio) 9 votes.
DISTANT NEBULA (Vernon Wood) 8 votes.
STEINBECK COUNTRY (Joseph Ghio) 8 votes.

Runners Up:
COMET TRAILS (Vernon Wood) 7 votes.
MARINE MAGIC (Lois Belardi) 7 votes.
PHILOSOPHY (Joseph Ghio) 7 votes.
POINT SANTA CRUZ (Joseph Ghio) 7 votes.

Honorable Mention (SIB)

BLUEBERRY FAIR (Robert Hollingworth) 89 votes.
WHERE EAGLES DARE (Calvin Helsley) 61 votes.
RIVER DANCE (Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks) 46 votes.
BLACKBERRY JUBILEE (Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks) 33 votes.

Runners Up:
LITTLE BLUE SPARKLER (Sarah Tiffney) 32 votes.
HARPSWELL SNOW (Currier McEwen) 29 votes.

Honorable Mention (SPEC)

GORDONVILLE WHITE (O. D. Niswonger) 19 votes.
SUSLIK (John Burton) 18 votes.

Runners Up:
ARCTIC LAVENDER (Lorena Reid)15 votes.
SYLVANSHINE (Clarence Mahan/Carol Warner)13 votes.

Honorable Mention (SPEC-X)

ENFANTE PRODIGE (Tony Huber) 44 votes.

Runner Up:
PIXIE WON (Jill Copeland) 23 votes.

Honorable Mention (SPU)

MISSOURI MOONLIGHT (O. D. Niswonger) 30 votes.
ADRIATIC BLUE (O. D. Niswonger) 27 votes.
STELLA IRENE (B. Charles Jenkins) 26 votes.
MISSOURI RAINBOWS (O. D. Niswonger) 24 votes.

Runners Up:
MISSOURI AUTUMN (O. D. Niswonger) 21 votes.
RIVULETS OF PINK (O. D. Niswonger) 20 votes.

Honorable Mention (JI)

SING THE BLUES (Lorena Reid) 33 votes.
BLUE SPRITZ (Donald Delmez) 28 votes.
FROSTED INTRIGUE (Robert Bauer & John Coble) 23 votes.
ALPINE MAJESTY (J. T. Aitken) 19 votes.
SAPPHIRE CROWN (Robert Bauer & John Coble) 19 votes.
FRACTAL BLUE (Lorena Reid) 16 votes.

Runners Up:
STELLA NIAGARA (Anna Rettig) 15 votes.
BLUSHING CRIMSON (Lois Rich) 13 votes.
NIAGARA POWER (Anna Rettig) 13 votes.
SILENT THUNDER (Robert Bauer & John Coble) 13 votes.