Found in a California church yard...

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This iris grows in profusion around the perimeter and in the parking lot divider strips of St. Ann's, the small Catholic church in Rossmoor California. The iris was photographed by Glen Corlew of Walnut Grove, California. There are MANY iris that it is not, I will name a few below. We would very much like to know what it is.

Click to view a JPEG of the unknown's bud (24K) 6" x 9" Click to view a JPEG of the unknown's fall and beard (27K) 6"x9" Click to view a JPEG of one flower of the unknown (23K) 6" x 9"  Click to view a JPEG of the unknown's stalk (29K) 6" x 9"

I have bumped these photos against my collection of slides and photos. I do not have an idea of what it could be. Many are close, but I don't have an exact match. ECLADOR (Cayeux 32) comes the closest, but the texture veining of Eclador does not match the unknown, fairly well ruling out the possibility of the 'St. Ann's unknown' being Eclador.

These are some of the iris that I considered and are not good enough matches for a BINGO!

Alta California (Mohr-Mitchell 31)
Antigone (Cayeux 39)
Berkley Gold (Salbach 42)
Coronation (Moore 27)
Gold Imperial (Sturtevant 24)
Gold Stream (Edlmann 29)
Pluie D'Or (Cayeux 29)
Primrose (Sturtevant 25)

The age of those that were close gives a ballpark idea of where the unknown might fit.

If you have any idea of what this iris could be please-mail me -- mailto:

Thank you!