From the 1939 AIS Check List: GREAT LAKES (Cousins' 38). TB-M-B1L. (a Tall Bearded light blue self which blooms midseason) A notation indicates it has a fragrance similar to magnolias.

A catalog description: "Clear sky-blue. Crisp, flaring flowers. Rugged and Hardy. 35 inches tall".

From a Wayside Gardens catalog from 1949: "Winner of the Dykes Medal in 1942, this is about the finest light pure blue. Of splendid mein with a pronounced flare, stiff, crispy petal texture, it is strikingly fine. Fine stems of good height, well branched, Rugged and hardy, we highly recommend it."

1951 Iris Catalog from Tell's Iris Gardens: " GREAT LAKES (Cousins '38) M. (DOMINION sdlg X CONQUISTADOR sdlg) Quality blue that has been widely used as a parent and with great success."

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