Sterling Innerst was born on a farm of approximately 1100 acres where the specialties were registered Holstein dairy cattle, beef, grain, and poultry. Sterling is one of seven children.
....During his tenure in the service, he was a Military Policeman stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. After his discharge, he purchased a farm and bred, milked, and showed registered Holsteins. After five years of farming, he decided to do what he had always wanted to do--become an elementary school teacher. The farm was sold, and Sterling attended York Junior College for two years. He was hired by Dover School District with a Temporary Emergency Certificate because of a teacher shortage
....During his first year, a fellow teacher gave him some unnamed irises. After receiving a Wild's catalogue, he discovered that irises had names and were not called "flags." Twelve irises were purchased from Wild's, including Lulu Marguerite. Soon, he discovered that his priorities were changing and that he no longer had time to live on campus and work for a Doctorate.
....In 1975, Sterling moved to his current five-acre "plantation." In 1981, he married his lovely wife, Barbara. They now grow many varieties and classes of irises, daylilies, and orchids. They grow seedlings of all these, plant a garden Sterling calls too large, and grow many other flowering plants. Barbara collects iris and orchid artifacts and has an impressive array of each.
....In addition to his commercial garden, Sterling still teaches elementary school in Dover, Pennsylvania, and continues his education by taking summer and evening courses when they are available........Return to people index

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