The British Iris Society is a Registered Charity
Newsletter No. 113
Spring 2000
Edited by Beryl Goodey, 5 Pond Croft, Yateley, Hants, GU46 7UR

l5-16 th April Grow 2000, Sandown Park.
29-30 th April Kent Group Dwarf and Median Show, Coolings Nursery, Knockholt, Kent.
29-30 th April The Welsh Festival of Gardening.
6-7 th May  BIS Dwarf and Median Show, RHS Gardens, Wisley.
28 th May Peter Woods Iris Collection and Sale at Sutton Valence Safari.
3-4 th June Joint BIS/K.G. Summer Show, Coolings Nursery, Knockholt, Kent.
22 nd July K.G. Bring and Buy Auction at Derek and Brenda Carver's house, Oxshott, Surrey.
 5-7 th August  The Welsh Open Summer Show and Gardening Fayre.
 19-20 th August  K.G. Plant Sale and Display at the Hardy Plant Society Show at Goodnestone Park, Wingham, Canterbury.
 12 th September  BIS Annual General Meeting at Royal Horticultural Society, London.
 30 th September  The Welsh Gardening Craft and Michaelmas Plant Sale.
 2-6th November  New Zealand Iris Society Symposium.

The West and Midlands Group has arranged the following programme this year. We would welcome any BIS members who would like to attend any of the planned events
12 th March
West & Midlands Group AGM at Aldridge.
....Talk by Suz Winspear on "The History of the Worcester Theatre."
2 nd April
W & M Group meeting at Banbury.
....Talks on "Transporting, Staging and Showing Irises" by
....Jennifer Hewitt and Sidney Linnegar.
5-7 th May
W & M Group Stand at the Malvern Spring Gardening Show.
27 th May
W & M Group Annual Show at Cleeton St. Mary.
....Plant Sale after Show (open to public).
29 th May
W & M Group visit to the garden of Judy and David Pollitt (including historic iris collection) at Upton Snodbury, Worcs.
11th June
W & M Group visit to Lingen Nursery Iris Open Day to see the National Collection of Sibiricas, followed by a visit to Beryl and Ken MacLeod at Honeyhole Farm, Bucknell.
2nd July
W & M Group visit to the garden of Philip Allery to include his Ensata collection.

Date to be
decided at AGM

W & M Group Autumn Meeting, possibly at Ludlow.
Further information is available from the Hon. Secretary, Beryl MacLeod, Honeyhole Farm, Bucknell, Shropshire. SY7 0BN. Tel. 01547 530508. Email:

....11 th April -- Executive Committee London
....20 th June -- Executive Committee London
....12 th September -- Executive Committee London
....3 rd October -- Executive Committee London
....31 st October -- Executive Committee London
Nominations are now being invited in respect of candidates for election for the President and the Executive Committee Members.
Candidates are asked to provide curriculum vitae of their British Iris Society experience and record (in not more than 250 words) together with a photograph of themselves (prints m colour or monochrome). Each candidate must be proposed and seconded, together with their approval, in writing.
Curriculum vitae, photograph and duly proposed approval should be sent to the Hon. Secretary, Mrs. S. A. Ecklin, 1 Sole Farm Close, Great Bookham, Surrey, KT23 3ED, by 1st August 2000.
The result of this ballot will be officially approved at the AGM on 12th September 2000 and published in the Spring edition of the BIS Newsletter.

The present President and members of the Executive Committee are as follows:
....President Cy Bartlett...........................retiring 2000
Existing Executive Committee Members
....Berney Baughen.................................willing to stand again.
....Ray Jeffs............................................willing to stand again.
....Fred Webbing....................................willing to stand again.
Berney Baughen will be retiring in 2001, after 20 years as the Year Book editor, therefore the Society is looking for someone to take on this duty. Any member interested in assisting the Society by filling this position should write to the Hon. Secretary, Mrs. S. A. Ecklin.
Ray Jeffs will be holding Iris Appreciation and Judging talks at Wisley on the following dates, 7th May, l4th May, 21st May and 28th May. Ray will be on the trial grounds from 10am-4pm. This is an opportunity for everyone to learn and discuss irises whatever their knowledge. Judging forms will be available to those who would like them. Further information from Ray Jeffs, Tel. 01737 823277; Fax. 01737 822561.
AIS Iris Check Lists 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. For further information contact Ian Smith, "Siri-Dam," 8 Wicket Road, Kinson, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH10 5LT. Tel. 01202 241984.
The Usher Trophy which is presented at the BIS Summer Show appears to have gone missing. Anyone who knows of its whereabouts please contact Ray Jeffs.
A mounted photograph of SDB Blitz was left after the photographic competition at Ryarsh. Thelma Naylor has it, Tel: 01622 753755.

Mr. Jimmie L. Clark is conservator of the Dwarf Iris Society in the USA. He is in charge of the Data Bank and is starting a future garden with all the introductions and species of MDB in the world. The newsletter editor has a long list of cultivars and species MDBs required. If you think you can help please send a SASE to 5 Pond Croft, Yateley, Hants for a copy.
Mr. Cy Bartlett will be happy to receive any clean plants for Mr. Clark during the last week in July for despatch.
Further information can be obtained from Mr. Jimmie L. Clark, Clarks Gardens, RR3 Box 3245, Edwards, Missouri 65326, USA.
Plants Sought
Jennifer Hewitt, Haygarth, Cleeton St. Mary, Cleobury Mortimer, Kidderminster, DY14 0QU. Tel. 01584 890526.
I have been asked by several people if they could be offered the plants lifted below. If anyone has a piece of any to spare will they please contact me.
SDBs "Coffee Boy" and "Little Vanessa," TB "Champagne Elegance," PC hybrid "Roaring Camp" and Iris "Tol-long."
Hon. Enrollment Secretary: Clive Russell, 47 Station Road, New Barnet, Herts. EN5 1PR. Tel and Fax, 0181 441 1300. Email:
Bruce Filardi of Portland, Oregon (who helps the Suttons out with the international section of the AIS bulletin) is looking for pieces of Benton Dierdre and Prosper Laugier. I am also after two pieces each of Kildonan and Margot Holmes for two separate growers in the USA to complete their UK DM winners gardens. If anyone can help please write to me.
It is proposed to have a regular "wanted" column in the newsletter, an entry will only be in one newsletter, not repeated. Any items for the next newsletter should be submitted by July to the editor.
These books have been given by Mrs. Hilda Goodwin to be sold for the benefit of the Society. It is difficult to estimate prices but interested members should let me know what they are willing to pay by 29th April. The highest bidder gets the book and I will add on the cost of postage. After that date, the books will go on sale at the Late Spring and Summer Shows. Anne Blanco White, 72 South Hill Park, London, NW3 2SN.
Iris Society Bulletins 2,5,6 and 7.
Bulbous Irises, Sir Michael Foster, RHS ?1893 (battered as you would expect).
Dykes on Irises, ed. G. Dillistone, C. Baldwin, Tunbridge Wells, undated. Oliver Murrell's signature and with supplementary index (scarce, previous price £13.50).
Garden Irises, ed. L. F. Randolph, The American his Society, St. Louis, 1959. ex. Laurence Neel (previous price £8.75).
Handbook of Garden Irises, W. R. Dykes, Martin Hopkinson and Co., London, 1924 (previous price £13.50). Second copy with faded cover (previous price £11.00).
Iris Culture for Amateurs, L. F. Pesel and E. S. Spender, Hazell, Watson and Viney, London, 1937 (previous price at £2.75).
Iris in the Little Garden, Ella Porter McKinney, Little, Brown and Co., Boston, 1927. With author's inscription (previous price £8.50).
Irises - their Culture and Selection, G. Anley, W. H. and L. Collingridge, London, 1948.
Irises for Everyone, N. Leslie Cave, Faber and Faber, London, 1960 (cost 10/6).
Know Your Irises, The New Zealand Iris Society, 1984.
Tall Bearded Iris, A Flower of Song, Walter Stager, Sterling, Illinois, 1922. ex Orpington
Nurseries, signed Olive Murrell (previous price £7.00).
The Book of the Iris, R. Irwin Lynch, John Lane, London, 1903 (previous price £6.50).
The Iris and Its Culture, Jean Stevens, Wilke and Co., Melbourne, 1947
The World of Irises, ed. Bee Warburton, Melba Hamblen, The American Iris Society, Utah, 1978.
What Every Iris Grower Should Know, The American iris Society, 1969.
The Charm of Birds, Grey of Fallodon, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 10th edn., 1937.
The Englishman's Flora, Geoffrey Grigson, J. M. Dent and Sons Ltd., London, Facsimile edn. 1987.
The Garden Lover's Companion, ed. Peter Hunt, Eyre Methuen, London, 1974.
The Surrey Landscape, G. G. Clark and W. H. Thompson, A. and C. Black, London,
Winter Blossoms from the Outdoor Garden, A. W. Darnell, L. Reeve and Co. Ltd.,
London, 1926 (£7.50). (Could this be by the father of our later Y.B. editor? At all events there is a startling picture of an unguic.)

Jean and Fred Webbing have recently moved so their address in the year book is no longer valid. Their new address is: "Oakdale," 5 Chappel Hill, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 9HW. Tel. 01328 863511.
Fred remains the secretary of Mercia Group and is still working to complete the Iris Garden in the "Garden of the Rose" at Chiswell Green.

In the last newsletter I promised to give the opening dates and times of the "Garden of the Rose" at Chiswell Green so that BIS members could benefit by gaining entry to the garden free of charge on showing their BIS membership card. Non-members accompanying BIS members will have to pay the normal entrance fee.
The "Garden of the Rose" is open to the public seven days a week from Saturday 21" of May to Sunday 24th September inclusive. Monday-Saturday they are open from 9-5 and on Sundays and Bank Holidays from 10-6.
The iris garden will be in bloom about mid-April. BIS members who wish to visit the iris garden before the 27th May should call at reception in the RNRS offices to inform the staff that they wish to visit the iris garden, on these occasions you can park in the visitors car park. The rose garden is sign posted at the first roundabout on the A405 north of J2lA of the M25.
If you have any queries please ring me on 01328 863511 or the Rose Society on 01727 850461.
After you have visited I would welcome your comments, criticisms and suggestions. Please remember that the garden has been planted with the best we had available at the time. It has always been the policy to replace some of the poorer varieties as better ones become available. If you can offer better varieties please let me know. I am always pleased when members make contributions both of plants and their time but please do not plant anything in the garden without agreeing with me the exact location beforehand, otherwise we may have to move your contribution if it conflicts with the plan. Since the last newsletter the retaining wall around the raised bed and the paving has been constructed. The raised bed has been planted with 22 varieties of SDBs, some in quite large blocks. The RNRS have planted the four half standard roses and under planted them with ground cover roses. The RNRS have also planted the hedge of R. rugosa alba on the east and west boundaries of the garden. Work will start soon on planning and planting the two end beds of mixed planting dependent on the availability of suitable plants. We will use some Sibiricas still available from the Wisley trials but we need some spurias and others to form a truly mixed planting as would be found in a domestic garden. It also remains for the RNRS to construct the Wisteria arches that are planned to give some height to the garden shape. I hope you will visit the garden and enjoy it. Fred Webbing.

When you read this seed orders will be the last thing on your mind but there are still a lot of seeds available and maybe you would like a second order or maybe you are wondering if it is too late to order for the first time. Please remember whenever you order to number numerically on your main order, then however you wish on your substitute list, which must have as many on it as on your main order. It helps me to be more accurate, when trying to decipher your numbers if they follow on, also it makes my life less fraught. To date I have 110 orders and am doing my best to get them all out quickly. I thank everyone who has sent in their seeds, without you the list would not be as good. For those of you that have never sent in seed, why not send some in this year? It would be preferable if it can be bee pollinated. If you do not know the name of the pollen parent please give an accurate description, including colour, height and markings. Any species, no matter how few seeds, are welcome. Thank you also for taking part in this seed distribution and spreading these beautiful plants around. Margaret Criddle.

The New Zealand Iris Society will be holding their Iris Symposium 2000 at Mount Maunganui, New Zealand on 2-6th November, 2000. Including international speakers, garden visits and post symposium tours.
If you would like an application form, further information or wish to present a paper, please contact: Peter Berry, Apartment SD, Tower 1, 1 Marine Parade, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Tel/Fax, +64 7574 0913. Email, You are warmly invited to help the New Zealand Iris Society to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Iris Sibirica "Coronation Anthem"
In my report on the 1996-99 Wisley Trial, which appeared in the 1999 Year Book, I said I should have checked my fact regarding this iris, having classified it as a tetraploid for the Trial but later finding it registered as a diploid. What I should have done is to have checked further, as it turns out that my source was wrong. This is a copy of the entry in the 1990 Registrations and Introductions list published by the AlS but is in error. "Coronation Anthem" is indeed a tetraploid and I apologise for misleading all readers and especially anyone who might want to use it in hybridizing, for whom the correct information is important. Jennifer Hewitt.

The Membership Secretary still awaits a number of outstanding subscriptions for 2000. Members unpaid by the 1 st September will be assumed to have resigned their membership. The current subscription is £12 plus £1 for each additional family member.
Please send your subscriptions to Mr. E. H. Furnival, 15 Parkwood Drive, Rawtenstall, Lanes., BB4 6RP. Overseas members may send US $20 or US $56 for three years plus $2 for each additional family member per year.

Over the years I have bred and registered a number of Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB) irises. Regrettably I have also had a few lost or strayed and I am frying to find them again to complete my collection of my babies. So if any of you have any of the list below and you are prepared to let me have a rhizome or two, with suitable reimbursement, I would be grateful. The name is Ron Watkins and I can be contacted at 4 Orchard Lane, East Hendred, Oxon., 0X12 8JW. Tel., 01235 888238. The list is as follows:
Blewbury Down, cream standards and buff falls.
Starheart, a taller dark blue with darker blue fall spot.
Bard, a dwarf Cambridge blue self.
Moonfire, yellow self.
Blue John, blue self.
So please help, if you can. I will be eternally grateful.