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  North American Dyke's Medal Winners, 1927--2000   Pic denotes a picture
(None awarded for years missing from list)
1927 SAN FRANCISCO (W. Mohr) Pic 1967 WINTER OLYMPICS (O. Brown) Pic
1929 DAUNTLESS (C. Connell) Pic 1968 STEPPING OUT (Schreiner's) Pic
1932 RAMESES (H. Sass) Pic 1970 SKYWATCH (C. Benson) Pic
1933 CORALIE (W. Ayres) Pic 1971 DEBBY RAIRDON (L. Kuntz) Pic
1935 SIERRA BLUE (E. Essig) Pic 1972 BABBLING BROOK (K. Keppel) Pic
1936 MARY GEDDES (T. Washington) Pic 1973 NEW MOON (N. Sexton) Pic
1937 MISSOURI (J. Grinter) Pic 1974 SHIPSHAPE (S. Babson) Pic
1938 COPPER LUSTRE (J. Kirkland) Pic 1975 PINK TAFFETA (N. Rudolph) Pic
1939 ROSY WINGS (M. Gage) Pic 1976 KILT LILT (J. Gibson) Pic
1940 WABASH (M. Williamson) Pic 1977 DREAM LOVER (E. Tams) Pic
1941 THE RED DOUGLAS (J. Sass) Pic 1978 BRIDE'S HALO (H. Mohr) Pic
1942 GREAT LAKES (L. Cousins) Pic 1979 MARY FRANCES (L. Gaulter) Pic
1943 PRAIRIE SUNSET (H. P. Sass) Pic 1980 MYSTIQUE (J. Ghio) Pic
1944 SPUN GOLD (H. Glutzbeck) Pic 1981 BROWN LASSO (E. Buckles/Niswonger) Pic
1945 ELMOHR (P. Loomis) Pic 1982 VANITY (B. Hager) Pic
1947 CHIVALRY (J.Wills) Pic 1983 RUFFLED BALLET (E. Roderick) Pic
1948 OLA KALA (J.Sass) Pic 1984 VICTORIA FALLS (Schreiner's) Pic
1949 HELEN McGREGOR (R. Graves) Pic 1985 BEVERLY SILLS (B. Hager) Pic
1950 BLUE RHYTHM (A. Whiting) Pic 1986 SONG OF NORWAY (W. Luihn) Pic
1951 CHERIE (D. Hall) Pic 1988 TITAN'S GLORY (Schreiner's) Pic
1952 ARGUS PHEASANT (F. DeForest) Pic 1990 JESSE'S SONG (B. Williamson) Pic
1953 TRULY YOURS (O. Fay) Pic 1991 EVERYTHING PLUS (D. Niswonger) Pic
1954 MARY RANDALL (O. Fay) Pic 1992 DUSKY CHALLENGER (Schreiner's) Pic
1955 SABLE NIGHT (P. Cook) Pic 1993 EDITH WOFORD (B. Hager) Pic
1956 FIRST VIOLET (F. DeForest) Pic 1994 SILVERADO (Schreiner's) Pic
1957 VIOLET HARMONY (Mrs. F. Lowry) Pic 1995 HONKY TONK BLUES (Schreiner's) Pic
1958 BLUE SAPPHIRE (B. Schreiner) Pic 1996 BEFORE THE STORM (S. Innerst ) Pic
1959 SWAN BALLET (T. Muhlestein) Pic 1997 THORNBIRD (M. Byers) Pic
1961 ELEANOR'S PRIDE (E. Watkins) Pic 1998 CONJURATION (M. Byers) Pic
1962 WHOLE CLOTH (P. Cook) Pic 1999 HELLO DARKNESS (Schreiner's) Pic
1963 AMETHYST FLAME (R. Schreiner) Pic 2000 STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (L. Lauer) Pics
1964 ALLEGIANCE (P. Cook) Pic 2001 Yaquina Blue (Schreiner's) Pic
1965 PACIFIC PANORAMA (N. Sexton) Pic 2002 Mesmerizer (M. Byers)
 1966 RIPPLING WATERS (O. Fay) Pic 2003 Celebration Song (Schreiner's)
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