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Iris Societies' Pages

      The official page of the American Iris Society
The Aril Society International The Yakima Valley Iris Society
   The Canadian Iris Society    The World Iris Association

AIS Regions' Pages


Display Gardens

  Malone Hollow Nature Center     

Individuals' Iris Pages

    Tom Tadfor Little's iris page. Excellent info -- particularly good iris 'type' diagram   David Payne-Joyce's page --Comprehensive links list, Iris news, excellent bibleography
   Jim Wilson's page. Good and current information  Thunder Ridge  Gardens at Thunder Ridge. Variety of plants, including some iris.

Commercial Iris Gardens

Argyle Acres
Forte's Iris Gardens
   Cooley's Iris Gardens     Schreiner's Iris Gardens
   Mt. Gretna Gardens    Mountain River Flower Farm.
  McAllister's Iris Garden     Willow Bend Farm
All American Dykes, many English, French and Australian Dykes Medal winners; other historic iris.