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'Squiggles' by Twyla Olmstead

Luminata--Fancy in the Altogether

Median Iris Society's Genetics Study Panel

 1998 Dykes Medalist.

Picture, pedigree, picture of Monty Byers

  Linda Mann's unknown iris, garden name: "White Gilt" has been identified as SURRENDER (Tompkins 1951) Take a look on the  "Quick Fix" all photos page.
A picture sequence of an iris borer infestation  

   Older News Items below...

Cornell Bulletin After a looong absence, Cornell Bulletin 112 is again available! Details, description, order info. Links   HIPS Reference Material sale listing
  Catologs    A tale of two iris ID Guide and Checklist     Pictures of an unknown iris in Rossmoor, California. Please take a look and give us your best shot at its identity.
  Links  .An iris variety not previously known to still exist has been found in Sweden.
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